Commit 25102652 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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Scenario: Won't die when a scenario failed compiling.

parent c436b4ff
......@@ -242,15 +242,13 @@ sub compile {
my $parsed = _parse_scenario($data, $file_path);
if ($parsed and not($function and $function eq 'include')) {
my $compiled = _compile_scenario($that, $function, $parsed);
if ($compiled) {
my $sub = eval $compiled;
$parsed->{compiled} = _compile_scenario($that, $function, $parsed);
if ($parsed->{compiled}) {
$parsed->{sub} = eval $parsed->{compiled};
# Bad syntax in compiled Perl code.
die sprintf "%s: %s\n", ($file_path || '(data)'), $EVAL_ERROR
unless $sub;
$parsed->{compiled} = $compiled;
$parsed->{sub} = $sub;
$log->syslog('err', '%s: %s\n', ($file_path || '(data)'),
unless ref $parsed->{sub} eq 'CODE';
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