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Merge branch 'sympa-6.2' into add+del-commands

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...@@ -240,11 +240,9 @@ sub display_configuration { ...@@ -240,11 +240,9 @@ sub display_configuration {
foreach my $key (sort keys %Conf::Conf) { foreach my $key (sort keys %Conf::Conf) {
next next
if grep { $key eq $_ } if grep { $key eq $_ }
qw(auth_services blocklist cas_number crawlers_detection qw(auth_services blocklist crawlers_detection listmasters
generic_sso_number ldap ldap_number listmasters
locale2charset nrcpt_by_domain robot_by_http_host request locale2charset nrcpt_by_domain robot_by_http_host request
robot_name robots source_file sympa trusted_applications robot_name robots source_file sympa trusted_applications);
$var = $Conf::Conf{$key}; $var = $Conf::Conf{$key};
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