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# Change Log
## [6.2.41b.1]( (2019-02-XX)
[Full Changelog](
- Authorization schearios: The "default" scenario files named `*.default` (regular file or symbolic link) are no longer available [\#528]( [\#540]( See also "[Upgrading notes](".
- WWSympa: LDAP authentication will no longer perform search operation twice [\#453]( Now it retrieves entry for the user by a search operation at once, then checks if account is available by a bind operation.
- WWSympa: `sympa_altemails` cookie will no longer be set [\#487]( `alternative_email_attribute` parameter in `auth.conf` was deprecated.
- Primary `auth.conf`, `crawlers_detection.conf` and `trusted_applications.conf` will be used by non-primary domains by default [\#432]( Previously primary ones were omitted.
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Feature request: a "delete my account" button [\#300](
- Add a global 'quiet_subscription' setting which enforce the "quiet add" policy [\#503](
- WWSympa: Deprecate 'sympa_altemails' cookie [\#487](
- LDAP authentication no longer requires the second search operation with user DN [\#453](
- Feature request: domains blacklist [\#295]( [\#537]( ([ldidry](
- Weaken sympa and wwsympa/sympa soap link [\#525]( ([xavierba](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Inconsistent location of messge footer/header files [\#507](
- Issue with the message sent to owners to allow unsubscribing [\#469](
- deleting subscribers with empty user selection [\#408](
- WWSympa: Owners/moderators in list panel aren't updated [\#543]( ([ikedas](
- Owner page is empty [\#541]( ([ikedas](
- Mail command unavailable in confirmation requests [\#534]( ([ikedas](
- Invalid default scenarios [\#528]( [\#540]( ([ikedas](
- WWSympa: Deprecate sympa\\_altemails cookie [\#487](
- Primary `auth.conf` won't be used by robots [\#432](
- ` --upgrade_config_location` doesn't respect configured user/group [\#519]( ([ikedas](
- A scalar parameter in list config without value is warned [\#515]( ([ikedas](
- `make distcheck` fails [\#510]( ([ikedas](
**Closed issues:**
- parameter owner in sympa config file not considered by sympa 6.2.38 [\#530](
- Domain blacklist [\#523](
**Merged pull requests:**
- Maintenance support scripts [\#539]( ([ikedas](
## [6.2.40]( (2019-01-19)
[Full Changelog](
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