Commit 4b660de7 authored by Sympa authors's avatar Sympa authors Committed by IKEDA Soji
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[-feature] Committing latest translations from

parent 59c2f8d7
......@@ -8349,9 +8349,8 @@ msgstr "休止期間 %1 から無期限"
#. (l.value.mod_count)
#: default/web_tt2/my.tt2:57
#, fuzzy
msgid "Messages held for moderation: %1"
msgstr "メッセージに削除の印をつける"
msgstr "モデレーション待ち: %1件"
#: default/web_tt2/my.tt2:61 default/web_tt2/suspend_request.tt2:62
msgid "Review members"
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