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Fix: To header field now also Q-encoded

git-svn-id: 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce
parent 7ccb4b7a
From: [% fromlist %]
To: [%|loc(]Moderators of list %1[%END%] <[% %]-editor@[% %]>
To: [% FILTER qencode %][%|loc(]Moderators of list %1[%END%][%END%] <[% %]-editor@[% %]>
[% IF request_topic -%]Subject: [% FILTER qencode %][%|loc(,msg_from)%]Article to be tagged for list %1 from %2[%END%][%END%]
[% ELSE -%]Subject: [% FILTER qencode %][%|loc(,msg_from)%]Article to be approved for list %1 from %2[%END%][%END%]
[% END -%]
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