Unverified Commit 5b531f0b authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #237 from mpkut/fix_wwsympa_list_new by mpkut

wwsympa.fcgi.in: fix calling order for List->new(): should be (list, robot)
parents 83cf8b25 b385370c
......@@ -1515,7 +1515,7 @@ while ($query = CGI::Fast->new) {
while ($action) {
if (defined $in{'list'} and length $in{'list'}) {
# Create a new Sympa::List instance.
unless ($list = Sympa::List->new($robot, $in{'list'})) {
unless ($list = Sympa::List->new($in{'list'}, $robot)) {
wwslog('info', 'Unknown list "%s"', $in{'list'});
if ($action eq 'info') {
# To prevent sniffing lists, don't notice error to
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