Commit 5b690d23 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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Fixed Issue #28: Internal server error in WebUI when email has removed from list

parent 37199527
......@@ -10513,11 +10513,11 @@ sub do_editsubscriber {
my $subscriber;
unless ($subscriber = $list->get_list_member($in{'email'})) {
Sympa::Report::reject_report_web('intern', 'subscriber_not_found',
Sympa::Report::reject_report_web('user', 'user_not_subscriber',
{'email' => $in{'email'}},
$param->{'action'}, $list, $param->{'user'}{'email'}, $robot);
wwslog('info', 'Subscriber %s not found', $in{'email'});
return undef;
return $in{'previous_action'} || 'review';
$param->{'current_subscriber'} = $subscriber;
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