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# Change Log
## [6.2.56]( (2020-05-XX)
[Full Changelog](
**Changes** (since 6.2.54) **:**
- `http_host` parameter has been deprecated by the new `wwsympa_url_local` parameter [\#916]( ([ikedas]( If you used `http_host` parameter, you possiblly need removing it (See [note](
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Sync\_Include: Add a button to synchronize owners / moderators in Web interface [\#857](
- list index performance update for wwsympa.fcgi `do_lists` subroutine [\#925]( ([olivov]( & ([ikedas](
- Improve logging of archive errors due to possible permission problems [\#908]( ([racke](
- Data sources: remote file/remote list: Log description of certificate of the peer [\#897]( ([ikedas](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Sync include from commandline oblivious of errors [\#907](
- `ldap_2level_query` "`select2 all`" is returning only one result [\#893](
- `t/Tools_Text.t` test failing in Sympa 6.2.54 [\#892](
- File names in URLized parts are incorrect [\#889](
- Multiple component `wwsympa_url` with `mod_proxy_fcgi` is broken [\#879]( Fixed as the request URI will be split into `SCRIPT_NAME` and `PATH_INFO` by Sympa itself.
- Scenario: Prevent crashing by fatal error in syntax of regexp [\#860](
- Cannot remove owners/editors when their external data source as removed [\#858](
- After login, the last content \(image\), not always the last page, is shown [\#580](
- Typos in `set_index()` of some DatabaseDriver classes. [\#936]( ([ikedas](
- Two fixes related to list families [\#933]( ([salaun-urennes1](
- Fix missing content for listmaster admin template edits in the web interface [\#921]( ([racke](
- `spam_protection` list paramter did not derive its default from robot/site config [\#915]( ([ikedas](
- Fix logging of open file error in constructor of `Sympa::Config_XML`. [\#906]( ([racke](
- Some bugs related to urlize mode [\#900]( ([ikedas](
- URLize: Use filesystem-independent escaping for names of files stored [\#891]( ([ikedas](
- Update bug tracker url in serveradmin section. [\#884]( ([racke](
**Closed issues:**
- The translation server is down \(nginx problem\) [\#855](
## [6.2.54]( (2020-02-24)
[Full Changelog](
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