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Merge pull request #561 from ikedas/issue-560 by ikedas

Reset WWSympa's session when SSO session refreshed (#560)
parents 256f600d fa49f657
......@@ -3329,17 +3329,16 @@ sub do_sso_login {
my $next_action;
if ($param->{'user'}{'email'}) {
Sympa::WWW::Report::reject_report_web('user', 'already_login',
{'email' => $param->{'user'}{'email'}},
$param->{'action'}, '');
wwslog('err', 'User %s already logged in', $param->{'user'}{'email'});
{ 'parameters' => $in{'auth_service_name'},
'status' => 'error',
'error_type' => "already_login"
'User %s already logged in. Session reset',
return Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'default_home');
delete $param->{'user'};
$session->{'email'} = 'nobody';
delete $session->{'cas_server'};
delete $session->{'sso_id'};
## This is a CAS service
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