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Contributing to Sympa
Please report bugs, suggest new features, translate user interface to your language, or enhance documentation, if you want to help the sympa community to deliver a more reliable version of Sympa.
How to report bugs / send patches
We expect feedback by users and developers. You can submit issues and pull requests to the project on GitHub:
- [sympa project on GitHub](
If you have difficulty accessing GitHub site, you may send bug reports to the developers:
- [sympa-developpers mailing list](
Note that your message will be open to the public.
How to translate user interface
You may help us translating user interface of Sympa to your languages:
* [Translate Sympa](
To add or correct translations, you have to sign up.
More about translation, please see the [Translation Guide](
Incubating new documentation
The site for development of Sympa documentation launced:
* [Incubating the new Sympa documentation site](
This site aims to renovate Sympa documentation. We expect inputs including addition, correction and suggestion from the community. For further details, please see the page "[Contributing for Sympa documentation](".
[The Sympa Community](
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