Unverified Commit bd248408 authored by Stefan Hornburg (Racke)'s avatar Stefan Hornburg (Racke)
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Make it clear that wwsympa_url needs to include the protocol.

This prevents confusion seen at:


Even better to have a format that checks whether it is a valid URL.
E.g. by feeding it to the URI module and verify that all vital parts
are present.
parent 249bae41
......@@ -4810,7 +4810,7 @@ our %pinfo = (
group => 'www_basic',
sample => 'https://web.example.org/sympa',
gettext_id => 'URL prefix of web interface',
gettext_comment => 'This is used to construct URLs of web interface.',
gettext_comment => 'This is used to construct URLs of web interface. The protocol (either https:// or http://) is required.',
wwsympa_url_local => {
context => [qw(domain site)],
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