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# Change Log
## [6.2.57b.2]( (2020-09-XX)
[Full Changelog](
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Add an option "--rebuildarc=list@domain" to rebuild archives [\#994]( ([ldidry](
**Fixed bugs:**
- Typo of `default/mail_tt2/helpfile.tt2` [\#990](
- ARC::Signer died because of a malformed "Authentication-Results:" header field [\#988](
- CAS: `logout_path` does not work [\#986](
- Cannot include privileged owner from list even if it has to [\#969](
- Mail loop with sympa-request address because of misconfiguration [\#957](
- Update fr.po [\#979]( ([bikepunk](
- Updating Sympa::List's POD [\#1001]( ([racke]( & [ikedas](
**Closed issues:**
- About the automatic start of Sympa [\#981](
## [6.2.57b.1]( (2020-07-25)
[Full Changelog](
- No owner defined in a list is no longer treated as `error_config`. Instead, if no owner defined and something has to be sent to owners:
- If possible, discard incoming message and send back DSN to original sender;
- or, notifications to owners will be redirected to listmaster(s).
See also [\#955](
**Implemented enhancements:**
- Deprecate implicit `sync_include` in Sympa::List constructor [\#955]( ([ikedas](
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