Commit c4c63167 authored by sikeda's avatar sikeda
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[-bug] SMTP logging was enabled even if log_smtp in robot.conf is "off".

git-svn-id: 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce
parent 06251995
......@@ -567,14 +567,12 @@ sub process_message {
# Enable SMTP logging if required.
$mailer->{log_smtp} = $main::options{'mail'}
|| Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'log_smtp');
# setting log_level using conf unless it is set by calling option
unless (defined $main::options{'log_level'}) {
$log->{level} = Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'log_level');
'Setting log level with %s configuration (or sympa.conf): %d',
$robot, Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'log_level'));
|| Sympa::Tools::Data::smart_eq(
Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'log_smtp'), 'on');
# Setting log_level using conf unless it is set by calling option.
$log->{level} = (defined $main::options{log_level})
? $main::options{log_level}
: Conf::get_robot_conf($robot, 'log_level');
## Strip of the initial X-Sympa-To and X-Sympa-Checksum internal headers
delete $message->{'rcpt'};
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