Unverified Commit c5e69edf authored by Luc Didry's avatar Luc Didry
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🐛 — Fix confirmation for reporting as spam while deleting an archived mail

Currently, if you want to report archived mail(s) as spam while asking for
deletion, the confirmation page is shown twice (only once if not reporting as
spam). It appears like a bug to users. This commit remove the
confirmation when reporting as spam (there is still the confirmation for
the deletion).
parent e77435d0
......@@ -8978,11 +8978,8 @@ sub do_remove_arc {
# Action confirmed?
my $next_action = $session->confirm_action(
arg => join(
',', $in{'yyyy'}, $in{'month'}, $in{signal_as_spam}, @msgids
$in{'action'}, $in{'response_action'},
arg => join(',', $in{'yyyy'}, $in{'month'}, @msgids),
previous_action => 'arc'
unless ($next_action eq '1') {
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