Commit cfe73804 authored by sympa-authors's avatar sympa-authors
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[bug] Trusted applications config was not available through accessors

git-svn-id: 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce
parent 4e6d94d8
......@@ -1324,7 +1324,7 @@ sub AUTOLOAD {
## getters for site/robot parameters.
$type->{'RobotParameter'} = 1
if grep { $_ eq $attr }
qw(blacklist loging_condition loging_for_module) or
qw(blacklist loging_condition loging_for_module trusted_applications) or
grep { $_->{'name'} and $_->{'name'} eq $attr } @confdef::params;
## getters for attributes specific to global config.
$type->{'SiteAttribute'} = 1
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