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......@@ -19,11 +19,10 @@ if you have this feature enabled globally or for some lists.
- This release includes a security fix for \[CVE-2020-29668\] (Unauthorised full access via SOAP API due to illegal cookie). If you are running SOAP/HTTP interface (`sympa_soap_sever.fcgi`), upgrading is strongly recommended. See also [Security Advisory]( for details.
- Missing language on edit subscriber view [\#1048](
- \[CVE-2020-29668\] Unauthorised full access via SOAP API due to illegal cookie [\#1041](
- Personalization \(merge\_feature\) should be limited [\#1037](
- Personalization \(merge\_feature\) should be limited [\#1037]( [\#1066](
- Reason for LDAP SSL connection error should be logged [\#596](
- Add proper exit code on errors to SOAP client script. [\#1043]( ([racke](
- DKIM signing not working if `dkim_feature` in domain context was not enabled [\#1036](
- Meaningless `dkim_feature` parameter in list config should be removed [\#1036](
## [6.2.59b.2]( (2020-12-07)
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