Commit d99a027a authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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parent 2f4feceb
......@@ -14691,12 +14691,12 @@ sub do_send_mail {
my $page_source;
if ($in{'uploaded_file'} =~ /\S/) {
my $fh = $query->upload('uploaded_file');
my $fh = $query->upload('uploaded_file');
my $ctype = $query->uploadInfo($fh)->{'Content-Type'}
if $fh;
unless ($ctype and lc $ctype eq 'text/html') {
wwslog('err', 'Can\'t upload %s (%s)', $in{'uploaded_file'},
$ctype || 'unknown type');
wwslog('err', 'Can\'t upload %s (%s)',
$in{'uploaded_file'}, $ctype || 'unknown type');
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