Commit dbb1beb4 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
Browse files --sync_include: Add the --role option to synchronize owners / moderators with CUI

parent 1524e6fb
......@@ -877,20 +877,25 @@ if ($main::options{'dump'} or $main::options{'dump_users'}) {
} elsif ($main::options{'sync_include'}) {
my $list = Sympa::List->new($main::options{'sync_include'});
my $role = $main::options{'role'} || 'member'; # Compat. <= 6.2.52
unless (defined $list) {
printf STDERR "Incorrect list name %s\n",
exit 1;
unless (grep {$role eq $_} qw(member owner editor)) {
printf STDERR "Unknown role %s\n", $role;
exit 1;
unless (defined $list->sync_include()) {
print STDERR "Failed to synchronize list members\n";
unless (defined $list->sync_include($role)) {
printf STDERR "Failed to synchronize list users (%s)\n", $role;
exit 1;
printf "Members of list %s have been successfully update.\n",
printf "Users (%s) of list %s have been successfully update.\n",
$role, $list->get_id;
exit 0;
## Migration from one version to another
} elsif ($main::options{'upgrade'}) {
......@@ -1481,9 +1486,9 @@ Restore users from files dumped by C<--dump_users>.
Note: This option was added on Sympa 6.2.34.
=item C<--sync_include=>I<listname>@I<robot>
=item C<--sync_include=>I<listname>@I<robot> [ C<--role=>I<role> ]
Trigger the list members update.
Trigger update of the list users included from data sources.
=item C<--sync_list_db> [ C<--list=>I<listname>@I<robot> ]
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