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**Fixed bugs:**
- Unable to set custom attribute using the SOAP API, if none already set [\#1401](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1401)
- Unsubscribe and Signoff Requests Cause Sympa Service Crash in 6.2.68 [\#1359](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1359)
- Add owner with non-default options, e.g. "privileged" profile, not working [\#1329](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1329)
- Blocklist is sensitive to spurious whitespace [\1377](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1377)
- Blocklist is sensitive to spurious whitespace [\#1377](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1377)
- When closed list is restored, subscribers won't be restored [\#1380](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1380)
- WWSympa: File paths of archived messages may be exposed in the result of arcsearch [\#1364](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1364)
- WWSympa: "Synchronize ... with data sources" button is not shown [\#1355](https://github.com/sympa-community/sympa/issues/1355)
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