Commit f1bd0bd6 authored by IKEDA Soji's avatar IKEDA Soji
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Version of a dependency Mail::DKIM::ARC::Signer to 0.55 due to bug fix.

parent 68c2443b
......@@ -258,7 +258,7 @@ feature 'Mail::DKIM::Verifier', 'Required in order to use DKIM features (both fo
feature 'Mail::DKIM::ARC::Signer', 'Required in order to use ARC features to add ARC seals.' => sub {
requires 'Mail::DKIM::ARC::Signer', '>= 0.51';
requires 'Mail::DKIM::ARC::Signer', '>= 0.55';
feature 'Net::DNS', 'This is required if you set a value for "dmarc_protection_mode" which requires DNS verification.' => sub {
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