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  1. 03 Feb, 2019 5 commits
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      [feature] Improve include_remote_file data source. · 117e2a2d
      IKEDA Soji authored
        - Now it have timeout, ssl_version, ssl_ciphers, ca_verify parameters.
        - Client certificate and key in cert.pem and private_key files are available.
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      Refactoring (mostly rewritten). Introducing new classes... · c1b7e324
      IKEDA Soji authored
      Refactoring (mostly rewritten). Introducing new classes Sympa::Request::Handler::include, Sympa::DataSource and its subclasses. Sympa::Datasource was deprecated.
      And some fixes:
        * [bug] Now include_remote_file, include_sympa_list and include_remote_sympa_list paragraphs may have nosync_time_ranges subparameter.  No reason they don't have it.  include_file stil doesn't have it.
        * [-feature] include_voot_group has not been implemented, and it was invalidated.
        * [bug] include_ldap_query and include_ldap_ca data sources did not implement "regex" option of "selection" subparameter.  Now they support it.
        * [bug] LDAP multiple values in custom attribute with include_ldap_ca was broken.
        * [-feature] include_sql_query and include_sql_ca stores inclusion data in temporary file so that big data sources will be handled safely.
      Tentative change:
        * include_ldap_query, include_ldap_2level and include_sql_query won't clear (overwrite) gecos if retrieved value was empty or undefined.  Now they clear (overwrite) gecos in such cases.
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      Copyedit: Suppress unused or redundant codes. · 099c8b66
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      Fix inconsistencies on parameter names. · 5539e755
      IKEDA Soji authored
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