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      rebase & fixup · d5b31fec
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      Update version numbers. · e67fbc06
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      [-change] Database schema: inclusion_ext_* fields in subscriber_table and... · 9fc38317
      IKEDA Soji authored
      [-change] Database schema: inclusion_ext_* fields in subscriber_table and admin_table to give the last time of inclusion from external data sources.
      "External" means that it is not include_sympa_list or not including list on local domain.
      Note that if inclusion_ext_* field is updated, inclusion_* field must be updated at the same time.
      Known bug:
        - If data source is a list included from the other external data source(s), it will be treated as non-external and move_user request on corresponding users will be allowed.
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      [change] Data sources: outdated users will be expired only when all data... · ae01bc36
      IKEDA Soji authored
      [change] Data sources: outdated users will be expired only when all data sources of the list has succeeded inclusion.
      By this change, if there are data sources with nosync_time_ranges set, deletion of outdated users can be delayed 24 hours at most.
      [change] Database schema: included_* and include_sources_* in subscriber_table and admin_table were deprecated.  inclusion_* fields will be used instead.
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      Switch to new code. · 95b40ab3
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      Refactoring (mostly rewritten). Introducing new classes... · c1b7e324
      IKEDA Soji authored
      Refactoring (mostly rewritten). Introducing new classes Sympa::Request::Handler::include, Sympa::DataSource and its subclasses. Sympa::Datasource was deprecated.
      And some fixes:
        * [bug] Now include_remote_file, include_sympa_list and include_remote_sympa_list paragraphs may have nosync_time_ranges subparameter.  No reason they don't have it.  include_file stil doesn't have it.
        * [-feature] include_voot_group has not been implemented, and it was invalidated.
        * [bug] include_ldap_query and include_ldap_ca data sources did not implement "regex" option of "selection" subparameter.  Now they support it.
        * [bug] LDAP multiple values in custom attribute with include_ldap_ca was broken.
        * [-feature] include_sql_query and include_sql_ca stores inclusion data in temporary file so that big data sources will be handled safely.
      Tentative change:
        * include_ldap_query, include_ldap_2level and include_sql_query won't clear (overwrite) gecos if retrieved value was empty or undefined.  Now they clear (overwrite) gecos in such cases.
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      Copyedit: Suppress unused or redundant codes. · 099c8b66
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      Fix inconsistencies on parameter names. · 5539e755
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      [bug] WWSympa: On list config page, default settings of list scenarios are... · c0ea8d06
      IKEDA Soji authored
      [bug] WWSympa: On list config page, default settings of list scenarios are ignored.  And if user updated configuration, the first option in select box is saved.
      Fixed by assigning defaults in Sympa::ListDef.
      [change] The feature making symbolic link "*.default" to assign default values are deprecated.
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      Inconsistent location of messge footer/header files #507 · 4bca7ac9
      IKEDA Soji authored
        - Message footer/header files of domain/site default are put in `mail_tt2` subdirectories while those of list config are not.
          Fixed by put all of them in consistent location without intermediate directories (See also Notes below).
        - Entries for header/footer files in `edit_list.conf` were ignored.
        - File names themselves of header/footer were changed:
          `message_header`, `message_header.mime` etc.
          This is due to concideration about conflict between files and directories with domain names (See also Notes below).
        - Header/footer files with `.mime` extension:
          Previously, files with this extension were always preferred, then files without extension were used.  This behavior has not been documented.
          Now files with extension will be searched only in case `footer_type` is `mime`.  Files without extension will be searched in both cases.
        - Files with older names/paths in list/domain/site config directories will be copied to new location during upgrading process.
        - Template files with old names in families (`message.header.tt2` etc.) will be used as before and will be copied to new location during instantiation. If files with new names (`message_header.tt2` etc.) will be preferred, if they will be added.
      Known bug:
        - There are no web UI to edit global footer (`message_global_footer`).
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      Datasource: On LDAP 2 level query, if attr1 is (partial or entire) DN for... · aa92a5e3
      IKEDA Soji authored
      Datasource: On LDAP 2 level query, if attr1 is (partial or entire) DN for suffix2, it should not be canonicalized.
      Because some LDAP servers e.g. Active Directory don't conform to standard on matching rule and canonicalization might hurt integrity of DNs under the same DIT.  See also GH issue #474.
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      Make third person singular pronouns gender neutral · 6278d95e
      Eleanor Cawthon authored
      Various places in both documentation and default emails to admins/moderators
      use he/him/his to refer to generic users of unknown gender. This commit
      changes all generic uses of male pronouns to use singular they/them/their.
      It also changes "his/her" to "their", but leaves "he or she" unchanged due
      to less trivial conjugation issues.  NEWS,, and OChangeLog are
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