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  1. 28 Feb, 2008 1 commit
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      ***** Replace storage of password with encryption by md5 fingerprint. This · 311cae8c
      serge.aumont authored
      ***** make remind password impossible. So now a one time ticket table is created
      ***** ticket are  sent by email as an authentication token. Ticket can be used 
      ***** for lost password, create account, moderation request . It should be
      ***** generalized to all operation that need a email chalenge.
      ***** --md5_encode_password change password encoding in the database using md5.So IT IS NOT REVERSIBLE,
      ***** so you should save the database (in a safe place to protect password) 
        -  new login method include now "last login from [HOST] at [date]" information  message
        -  new daily task to remove tickets older than 10d (task parameters in 
             - purge_one_time_ticket_table_task default daily
             - one_time_ticket_table_ttl default 10d
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      [ Bignicourt]New feature: Custom user attributes · 8b174cdd
      olivier.salaun authored
      This feature allows the use of per list custom user attributes. Once defined by the list owner, a form will be presented to new list members on the subscription web page. These custom attributes are either optional or mandatory. The list owner will then see the provided user information while taking the subscription decision. Custom attributes can later be viewed from the review page and editsubscriber page. Custom attributes are stored in a dedicated field of the subscriber_table DB table, as XML data.
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      Introduction of http session in ordre to replace a lot of cookies, for better... · b5ef8da1
      serge.aumont authored
      Introduction of http session in ordre to replace a lot of cookies, for better user interface and security.
        -new table session_table
        -new module
        -new features 
          - from admin page set log level for the current session
          - from admin page list active sessions
          - from admin page change user email identity
        -new task to purge old sessions from table (inactive delay to remove session is set by the sympa.conf parameter session_expiration_period (defaul 1 month)
        -session start at first hit usually with an anonymous user. The session continue when the user logging. 
        -cookie lang replaced by a session parameter
        -cookie sympa-user removed
      TODO : introduce user pref based obn session for review page length and archive thread/chrono view . Need to introduce a structure data varchar column in user_table
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      Moved sympa-topics branch back on the trunc. · 1d5f6d09
      sympa-authors authored
      New features :
       * Message topics : List members can subscribe to one or more predefined message topics. They will only recieve those messages that have the appropriate tag. tagging can be performed by the message sender, moderators or in an automatic way.
       * Redesigned the message distribution subroutines. The new organization is described in a new section of the reference manual entitled "Internals"
       * Reorganisation of error reports (mail and web interface) to provide more precise error notification.
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      New feature: support for a generic SSO system, compatible with Shibboleth. New... · 50b0c517
      salaun authored
      New feature: support for a generic SSO system, compatible with Shibboleth. New 'generic_sso' auth.conf paragraphs. Sympa delegates the authentication process to the SSO and is also able to use provided user attributes within authorization scenarios.
      ***** New 'user_attributes' field in the 'subscriber_table'
      ***** If you are using MySQL, will change the database structure
      ***** at startup. If using Pg, Oracle or Sybase you should ALTER the table
      ***** structure according to the provided create_db.x scripts.
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  20. 12 Aug, 2003 1 commit
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      New features: · adb0ebbd
      salaun authored
      * Automatic bounce management based on 2 tasks :
      	eval_bouncers sets a bouncing score for bouncers.
      	process_bouncers will either notify or remove them
      The list config defines 2 bouncing levels (rate, action and notification).
      * New purge_orphan_bounces task that removes archived bounces files concerning
      old subscribers
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