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  1. 13 Jun, 2020 1 commit
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      Refactor internals of config (1) (#924) · 5b5fd551
      IKEDA Soji authored
      * Merge @Sympa::ConfDef::params into %Sympa::ListDef::pinfo
      * Merge %Conf::old_params into %Sympa::ListDef::pinfo
      * Add aliases of parameter names for compatibility to sympa.conf/robot.conf of earlier versions.
      * Move content of Sympa::ListDef to Sympa::Config::Schema
      * Move content of Sympa::ConfDef to Sympa::Config::Schema
      * Defining additional format entries in config schema.
      * Merge sympa.conf(5) and list_config(5) into sympa_config(5).