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  1. 10 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Deprecate implicit sync_include in Sympa::List constructor (#955) · 6aa1a06d
      IKEDA Soji authored
      * review: Won't process sync_include in advance so that processing will be faster.
      * Refactoring. Sympa::List::on_the_fly_sync_include() was removed. Instead, "include" request handler had "delay" option.
      * Remove unused "last_sync" cache entries.  "last_change" entries remain.
      * sync_include will no longer be invoked during Sympa::List->new():
        - No owner defined in a list is no longer treated as error_config.
        - Instead, if no owner defined,
           - If possible, discard incoming message and send back DSN to original sender,
           - or, notifications to owners will be redirected to listmaster(s).
      * Refactoring: Remove unused functions
      * Small refactoring: mail_tt2/listeditor_notification.tt2 is no longer used.
      * Clarify log messages and DSN about undefined owner/editor/listmaster
  2. 02 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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  5. 04 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Inconsistent location of messge footer/header files #507 · 4bca7ac9
      IKEDA Soji authored
        - Message footer/header files of domain/site default are put in `mail_tt2` subdirectories while those of list config are not.
          Fixed by put all of them in consistent location without intermediate directories (See also Notes below).
        - Entries for header/footer files in `edit_list.conf` were ignored.
        - File names themselves of header/footer were changed:
          `message_header`, `message_header.mime` etc.
          This is due to concideration about conflict between files and directories with domain names (See also Notes below).
        - Header/footer files with `.mime` extension:
          Previously, files with this extension were always preferred, then files without extension were used.  This behavior has not been documented.
          Now files with extension will be searched only in case `footer_type` is `mime`.  Files without extension will be searched in both cases.
        - Files with older names/paths in list/domain/site config directories will be copied to new location during upgrading process.
        - Template files with old names in families (`message.header.tt2` etc.) will be used as before and will be copied to new location during instantiation. If files with new names (`message_header.tt2` etc.) will be preferred, if they will be added.
      Known bug:
        - There are no web UI to edit global footer (`message_global_footer`).
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      Refactoring and changing. Introduced dump_user() and suck_user(). · b1c0a457
      IKEDA Soji authored
      They dump or restore list users (members, owners or editors) in database from/to file.
      [change] File for members was changed to `<list dir>/member.dump` which will replace:
        - `subscribers` (used by Sympa prior to 5.4a.1)
        - `subscribers.db.dump` (generated by dump command)
        - `subscribers.closed.dump` (backup for closed list)
      [change] Additional files to dump owner or editor: `<list dir>/owner.dump`, `<list dir>/editor.dump`.
      They will be used as initial (permanent) owners/editors, or as backup for closed list
      [*change] owner and editor parameters in list config file are no longer sync with actual owners/editors.  They are used only at the time of installation of list.
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  19. 18 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Sympa::List::updatestats() and on-memory cache {stats} of Sympa::List instance... · d4175361
      IKEDA Soji authored
      Sympa::List::updatestats() and on-memory cache {stats} of Sympa::List instance were deprecated.  Instead, Sympa::List::update_stats() would be used.
      Unneeded write accesses were suppressed, and thanks to file locking, following bug was fixed:
      - [bug] X-sequqnce header field in distributed messages will occasionally not be increased.
  20. 15 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      When subscribers are imported, frequent write accesses to listdir/stats file... · 1a8a06d0
      IKEDA Soji authored
      When subscribers are imported, frequent write accesses to listdir/stats file occur.  This issue was reported by a listmaster.
      Write accesses are caused to save total count of subscribers.  This information does essentially not have to be stored into disk: It can be got by database query.  This commit deprecated "total" field in stats file so that write accesses are suppressed.
  21. 05 Oct, 2017 11 commits