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      Remove deprecated code. · c414dd53
      IKEDA Soji authored
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      [bug] If a list is closed once and then reopened, list members are registered... · 2449f920
      IKEDA Soji authored
      [bug] If a list is closed once and then reopened, list members are registered as permanent (not included) members.  Also, subscription suspension option are cleared and so on.
      Fxied by dump and restore all information of subscribers in database.
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      Refactoring and changing. Introduced dump_user() and suck_user(). · b1c0a457
      IKEDA Soji authored
      They dump or restore list users (members, owners or editors) in database from/to file.
      [change] File for members was changed to `<list dir>/member.dump` which will replace:
        - `subscribers` (used by Sympa prior to 5.4a.1)
        - `subscribers.db.dump` (generated by dump command)
        - `subscribers.closed.dump` (backup for closed list)
      [change] Additional files to dump owner or editor: `<list dir>/owner.dump`, `<list dir>/editor.dump`.
      They will be used as initial (permanent) owners/editors, or as backup for closed list
      [*change] owner and editor parameters in list config file are no longer sync with actual owners/editors.  They are used only at the time of installation of list.
  10. 12 Apr, 2018 1 commit