Commit 29b48882 authored by Orderic-Vital Pain's avatar Orderic-Vital Pain Committed by Jerome Chauveau
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Ovp/text hook

parent 4f8827e6
......@@ -184,14 +184,17 @@ declare
function max:getFullDocument($project, $doc, $search as xs:string ?, $focus as xs:string ?){
let $docName := $doc || ".xml"
let $xmlDoc := (doc(max.config:getProjectDBPath($project) || "/" || $docName)/*)[1]
let $xml :=
<div id='text'>
{max.util:getTextHookFragment($project, $docName)}
let $txml := max:transformEditionFragment($project, $xml, $doc)
let $html := max.html:render(
$project, "doc/" || $docName,
<div>{max.html:invokePluginXQueries($project, $docName, ())}</div>
<div id='text'>
{max.util:getTextHookFragment($project, $docName)}
{max:transformEditionFragment($project, $xmlDoc, $docName)}
return max:applySearchMarkup($html, $search, $focus)
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