Commit a8ce8c86 authored by Jerome Chauveau's avatar Jerome Chauveau
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Correctif aide/usage des fonctions enable et disable plugin dans

parent 0124c478
......@@ -15,8 +15,8 @@ display_usage(){
echo " --d-tei: Deploy the TEI demo edition project."
echo " --d-ead: Deploy the EAD demo edition project."
echo " --list-plugins: Show plugins and status."
echo " --enable-plugin [plugin_name]: Enable [plugin_name] plugin."
echo " --disable-plugin [plugin_name]: Disable [plugin_name] plugin."
echo " --enable-plugin [plugin_name] [edition_name]: Enable [plugin_name] plugin in [edition_name] edition."
echo " --disable-plugin [plugin_name] [edition_name]: Disable [plugin_name] plugin in [edition_name] edition."
echo ""
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