Commit b4722fea authored by Jerome Chauveau's avatar Jerome Chauveau
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déclaration des plugins inutile si actifs et sans paramètre

parent 5bc4081c
...@@ -11,12 +11,11 @@ ...@@ -11,12 +11,11 @@
<!-- attribut @align-xquery-file pour surchage de la XQUERY d'alignement--> <!-- attribut @align-xquery-file pour surchage de la XQUERY d'alignement-->
<alignment document="demo_align_fr.xml" first-prefix="fr" second-prefix="lat"/> <alignment document="demo_align_fr.xml" first-prefix="fr" second-prefix="lat"/>
<!-- <layout template="editions/demo_lorem/ui/layout/template.html"/>--> <!--left menu
<layout template="editions/demo_lorem/ui/layout/template.html"/>
<plugins> <plugins>
<plugin name="correction"/>
<plugin name="equations"/>
<plugin name="apparat_critique"/>
<plugin name="search"> <plugin name="search">
<parameters> <parameters>
<parameter key="tag" value="p"/> <parameter key="tag" value="p"/>
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