Commit 06d9620f authored by Bertrand Gauthier's avatar Bertrand Gauthier
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Correction : appel de userAuthenticated() à la main plutôt que via l'event manager

parent bd271be7
......@@ -94,7 +94,12 @@ class Cas extends AbstractAdapter implements ServiceManagerAwareInterface, Event
->setMessages(['Authentication successful.']);
$this->getEventManager()->trigger('userAuthenticated', $e);
// recherche de l'individu dans l'annuaire LDAP, il existe forcément puisque l'auth CAS a réussi.
$ldapPeople = $this->getLdapPeopleMapper()->findOneByUsername($identity);
/* @var $userService User */
$userService = $this->getServiceManager()->get('unicaen-auth_user_service');
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