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Classe des options du module : tests unitaires.

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namespace UnicaenAuthTest\Options;
use PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase;
use UnicaenAuth\Options\ModuleOptions;
* Description of ModuleOptionsTest
* @author Bertrand GAUTHIER <bertrand.gauthier at>
class ModuleOptionsTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
protected $options;
* Sets up the fixture, for example, open a network connection.
* This method is called before a test is executed.
protected function setUp()
$this->options = new ModuleOptions();
public function testSuperClass()
$this->assertInstanceOf('ZfcUser\Options\ModuleOptions', $this->options);
public function testOptionsDefaultValues()
$options = new ModuleOptions();
$this->assertInternalType('array', $array = $options->getUsurpationAllowedUsernames());
$this->assertInternalType('array', $array = $options->getCas());
public function testConstructorSetsOptions()
$options = array(
'usurpation_allowed_usernames' => array('bob'),
'save_ldap_user_in_database' => true,
'cas' => array('Cas config'),
$moduleOptions = new ModuleOptions($options);
$this->assertEquals(array_shift($options), $moduleOptions->getUsurpationAllowedUsernames());
$this->assertEquals(array_shift($options), $moduleOptions->getSaveLdapUserInDatabase());
$this->assertEquals(array_shift($options), $moduleOptions->getCas());
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