Commit 3ac0da7e authored by Antony Le Courtes's avatar Antony Le Courtes
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Affinage indicateur 380 en cas de non alimentation de affectation_fin via MV_INTERVENANT

parent 409a1b01
......@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@ JOIN statut_intervenant si ON = i.statut_id
WHERE i.export_date IS NULL
AND si.code != 'BIATSS'
AND si.type_intervenant_id = 2
AND i.affectation_fin < sysdate
AND (COALESCE(i.affectation_fin, to_date('01/01/9999', 'dd/mm/YYYY')) < sysdate OR i.affectation_fin IS NULL )
AND c.date_retour_signe IS NOT NULL
AND i.annee_id = (SELECT valeur FROM parametre p WHERE nom = 'annee')
) t
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