Commit d0c475ee authored by Antony Le Courtes's avatar Antony Le Courtes
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Correction temporaire MV_INTERVENANT.sql suite problème de fiabilité des IBAN provenant de SIHAM.

parent d8b9494c
......@@ -118,6 +118,17 @@ WITH i AS (
AND COALESCE(indg.d_debut, to_date('01/01/1900', 'dd/mm/YYYY')) < SYSDATE
--On retire temporairement les doubles grades des quelques individus (Historique harpege), à supprimer quand full siham
AND NOT IN (8856,8904,9214,11735,12155,13166,14698,14731,14854,15143,15144,15201,15358,15359,15401)
iban_dossier AS
MAX(REPLACE(d.iban, ' ', '')) iban,
MAX(REPLACE(d.bic, ' ', '')) bic
FROM intervenant i
JOIN intervenant_dossier d ON d.intervenant_id = AND d.histo_destruction IS null
WHERE i.annee_id = 2020 AND i.histo_destruction IS NULL AND d.iban IS NOT NULL AND d.rib_hors_sepa = 0 AND i.source_id = '24'
GROUP BY i.code
/*Octopus id, id unique pour un individu immuable dans le temps, remplace le code harpege*/
......@@ -179,8 +190,8 @@ SELECT DISTINCT
ELSE 0 END numero_insee_provisoire,
/* Banque */
TRIM(vindiban.iban) iban,
TRIM(vindiban.bic) bic,
COALESCE(TRIM(vindiban.iban), ibandossier.iban) iban,
COALESCE(TRIM(vindiban.bic), ibandossier.bic) bic,
CAST(NULL AS numeric(1)) rib_hors_sepa,
/* Données complémentaires */
CAST(NULL AS varchar2(255)) autre_1,
......@@ -206,6 +217,7 @@ FROM i
LEFT JOIN octo.individu@octoprod ind ON ind.c_individu_chaine = induni.c_individu_chaine
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu_insee@octoprod vindinsee ON ind.c_individu_chaine = vindinsee.individu_id
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu_iban@octoprod vindiban ON vindiban.individu_id = ind.c_individu_chaine
LEFT JOIN iban_dossier ibandossier ON ibandossier.code = ind.c_individu_chaine
LEFT JOIN octo.v_individu@octoprod vind ON vind.c_individu_chaine = induni.c_individu_chaine
--On récupére la structure principale de l'individu
LEFT JOIN structure_aff_enseigne sae ON sae.individu_id = induni.c_individu_chaine
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