Commit cfb99f4d authored by Bertrand Gauthier's avatar Bertrand Gauthier
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Modif du mapping et l'entité pour la nouvelle colonne SUPANN_ID de la vue SYGAL_INDIVIDU.

parent d0e20843
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ class Individu
protected $id;
protected $sourceId;
protected $supannId;
protected $type;
protected $civilite;
protected $nomUsuel;
......@@ -54,6 +55,22 @@ class Individu
$this->sourceId = $sourceId;
* @return string
public function getSupannId()
return $this->supannId;
* @param string $supannId
public function setSupannId($supannId)
$this->supannId = $supannId;
* @return mixed
......@@ -3,18 +3,18 @@
<entity name="ImportData\V1\Entity\Db\Individu" table="SYGAL_INDIVIDU">
<id name="id" type="string" column="ID" />
<field name="sourceId" type="string" length="6" column="SOURCE_ID" nullable="true"/>
<field name="type" type="string" length="9" column="TYPE" nullable="true"/>
<field name="civilite" type="string" length="5" column="CIV" nullable="true"/>
<field name="nomUsuel" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_NOM_USU_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="nomPatronymique" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_NOM_PAT_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="prenom1" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_PR1_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="prenom2" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_PR2_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="prenom3" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_PR3_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="email" type="string" length="256" column="EMAIL" nullable="true"/>
<field name="dateNaissance" type="datetime" column="DATE_NAI_IND" nullable="true"/>
<field name="nationalite" type="string" length="60" column="LIB_NAT" nullable="true"/>
<id name="id" type="string" column="ID"/>
<field name="sourceId" column="SOURCE_ID"/>
<field name="supannId" column="SUPANN_ID"/>
<field name="type" column="TYPE"/>
<field name="civilite" column="CIV"/>
<field name="nomUsuel" column="LIB_NOM_USU_IND"/>
<field name="nomPatronymique" column="LIB_NOM_PAT_IND"/>
<field name="prenom1" column="LIB_PR1_IND"/>
<field name="prenom2" column="LIB_PR2_IND"/>
<field name="prenom3" column="LIB_PR3_IND"/>
<field name="email" column="EMAIL"/>
<field name="dateNaissance" type="datetime" column="DATE_NAI_IND"/>
<field name="nationalite" column="LIB_NAT"/>
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