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    Add FreeBSD support (#288) · 2d1906b3
    Romain Tartière authored
    * Do not hardcode /etc/postfix
    In order to bring support for FreeBSD, do not use the hardcoded
    /etc/postfix path for the directory containing Postfix configuration:
    FreeBSD ports are installed with a /usr/local/ prefix (by default) so
    the configuration files on FreeBSD are stored in the
    /usr/local/etc/postfix directory.
    * Add support for FreeBSD
    * Make it possible to tune the "root" group
    FreeBSD does not have a "root" group.  The corresponding group is named
    Allow to setup a custom "root_group", and adjust FreeBSD configuration
    to set it to "wheel".
    * Adjust the test suite so that it pass on FreeBSD
    * Do not depend on $postfix::* before including postfix
    Some resources parameters depend on the value of variable from the
    postfix class.  Ensure these values are substitued only after including
    * Move default values from hiera to init.pp
    These values are system-dependent, but this helps seeing the usual
    default value when genering references.
    * Move $manage_mailname parameter
    * Explicitely mark internal classes as private
    * Remove redundant postfix::params inclusion
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRaphaël Pinson <github+aem1eeshi1@raphink.net>
    Co-authored-by: default avatarRaphaël Pinson <github+aem1eeshi1@raphink.net>
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