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    Schleuder: port invocation syntax to Schleuder 3. (#234) · dc200b05
    intrigeri authored
    * Schleuder: port invocation syntax to Schleuder 3.
    Schleuder 2.x has been deprecated for a while. It's not maintained
    anymore, has obsolete dependencies, and has been superseded by
    Schleuder 3.
    The new syntax is documented on
    * compatibility with Schleuder 2 can be used this way:
      use_schleuder => 2
    * support explicitly setting use_schleuder to 3.
    A Boolean "true" value will thus mean "assume the latest upstream Schleuder
    release". For now, that's 3.x so setting this parameter to 3 is equivalent
    to setting it to true. But once Schleuder 4 is out, this may change,
    so better provide users a way to hard-code the fact they have Schleuder 3.
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