Commit 03cf7bfc authored by Mickaël Canévet's avatar Mickaël Canévet
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Use modulesync to manage meta files

parent 78e20922
......@@ -23,3 +23,24 @@ RSpec.configure do |c|
require 'pathname'
dir =
Puppet[:modulepath] = File.join(dir, 'fixtures', 'modules')
# There's no real need to make this version dependent, but it helps find
# regressions in Puppet
# 1. Workaround for issue #16277 where default settings aren't initialised from
# a spec and so the libdir is never initialised (3.0.x)
# 2. Workaround for 2.7.20 that now only loads types for the current node
# environment (#13858) so Puppet[:modulepath] seems to get ignored
# 3. Workaround for 3.5 where context hasn't been configured yet,
# ticket
ver ='-').first)
if"~> 2.7.20") =~ ver ||"~> 3.0.0") =~ ver ||"~> 3.5") =~ ver
puts "augeasproviders: setting Puppet[:libdir] to work around broken type autoloading"
# libdir is only a single dir, so it can only workaround loading of one external module
Puppet[:libdir] = "#{Puppet[:modulepath]}/augeasproviders_core/lib"
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