Commit b3e39c9b authored by Alexander Fisher's avatar Alexander Fisher Committed by Raphaël Pinson
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Allow `puppetlabs/stdlib` 6.x (#246)

stdlib 6.0.0 is due to be released soon.
This module does not use the updated `merge` function.

(Also bumped minimum version to 4.13.0 as that's the version
that introduced the `Stdlib::Absolutepath` type.)

parent 1a6cc27f
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
"dependencies": [
"name": "puppetlabs/stdlib",
"version_requirement": ">=3.2.0 <6.0.0"
"version_requirement": ">=4.13.0 <7.0.0"
"name": "camptocamp/augeas",
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