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  1. 19 Oct, 2021 4 commits
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      remove unneeded tests; provide error message for raise_error · f93a331a
      Kenyon Ralph authored
      Tests for wrong parameter data types aren't really needed since Puppet
      will do the type checking itself. These tests also caused warnings
      because they didn't provide specific error messages to the
      `raise_error` matcher.
      Also, provide error messages to the remaining `raise_error` matches
      that lacked error messages, to avoid warnings like this:
      WARNING: Using the `raise_error` matcher without providing a specific
      error or message risks false positives, since `raise_error` will match
      when Ruby raises a `NoMethodError`, `NameError` or `ArgumentError`,
      potentially allowing the expectation to pass without even executing
      the method you are intending to call. Actual error raised was
      a Resource Statement, Postfix::... expects a match for Enum['absent',
      'present'], got Tuple (line: 5) on node>.
      Instead consider provi ding a specific error class or message. This
      message can be suppressed by setting:
      `RSpec::Expectations.configuration.on_potential_false_positives =
      :nothing`. Called from /home/kenyon/git/
      puppet-postfix/spec/defines/postfix_virtual_spec.rb:88:in `block (5
      levels) in <top (required)>'.
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      map: handle regexp type · 0d4e6ad4
      Kenyon Ralph authored
      The `regexp` map type is similar to the `pcre` type in that it doesn't
      need a database generated by `postmap`.
      Also some cleanup of the parameter formatting.
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      postfix_spec: use better test descriptions · 35dae1f6
      Kenyon Ralph authored
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      init.pp: fix indentation · 1ed71c94
      Kenyon Ralph authored
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      init.pp: correct param numbers and use of optional · 5608bb63
      Kenyon Ralph authored
      Parameters used for generating resources should be plural.
      Remove incorrect usage of Optional.
      Also, use loops instead of `create_resources()`.
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