Commit 0091c890 authored by Angel L. Mateo's avatar Angel L. Mateo
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Deprecate freeradius::module::huntgroup

There is a duplicate with freeradius::huntgroup
parent 02348f75
......@@ -3,11 +3,12 @@
define freeradius::module::huntgroup (
Variant[String,Array] $conditions,
Variant[String,Integer] $order = 50,
String $huntgroup = 'huntgroup',
Optional[String] $huntgroup = undef,
) {
concat::fragment {"Huntgroup ${name}":
target => $huntgroup,
order => $order,
content => template('freeradius/huntgroup.erb'),
warning('Use of freeradius::module::huntgroup is deprecated. Use freeradius::huntgroup instead')
freeradius::huntgroup {$name:
conditions => $conditions,
order => $order,
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