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Prepare release 3.9.0

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## Changelog
### 3.9.0
* Bugfix: Fix mismatch between `tls_verify_client` parameter in the eap module manifest and `tls_client` in the eap template (thanks @guest715)
* Bugfix: Fix users template permits the users array to contain either Hashes or Strings (thanks @guest715)
* Bugfix: Create ippool files in freerad::module::ippool (thanks @amateo)
* Convert module packaging to PDK
* Update OS & Puppet version compatibility data
* Lint fixes
* Add data type validation for all parameters
### 3.8.2
* Bugfix: Fix for client iptables rules being repeatedly added by subsequent Puppet runs (thanks @guest715)
* Bugfix: Module file notifies service, not only symlink (thanks @ihpu)
"name": "jgazeley-freeradius",
"version": "3.8.2",
"version": "3.9.0",
"author": "jgazeley",
"summary": "Install and configure FreeRADIUS",
"license": "Apache-2.0",
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