Commit 4165bf2a authored by Jonathan Gazeley's avatar Jonathan Gazeley
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Add new option custom_query_file to allow custom dialup.conf

parent cdaa5e28
......@@ -371,6 +371,8 @@ limit the number of queries performed over one socket. After `$max_qeuries`, the
##### `query_file`
**`query_file` has been deprecated - use `custom_query_file` instead**
Default: `sql/${database}/dialup.conf`. Relative path to the file which contains your SQL queries. By
default, points to the `dialup.conf` specific to your database engine, so leave this blank if you are
using stock queries.
......@@ -379,6 +381,13 @@ If you need to use custom queries, it is recommended that you deploy your query
`freeradius::script` to install the file into `/etc/raddb/scripts/custom_dialup.conf` and then
set `query_file` to `scripts/custom_dialup.conf`.
##### `custom_query_file`
Default: `null`. Puppet fileserver path to a file which contains your SQL queries, i.e. `dialup.conf`. This
option is intended to be a replacment for `query_file`, which requires separate deployment of the file. This
option allows you to specify a Puppet-managed custom `dialup.conf` which is installed and loaded automatically.
`query_file` must be left blank if you use `custom_query_file`.
##### `acct_table1`
If you want both stop and start records logged to the same SQL table, leave this as is. If you want them in
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ define freeradius::sql (
$radius_db = 'radius',
$num_sql_socks = '${thread[pool].max_servers}',
$query_file = 'sql/${database}/dialup.conf',
$custom_query_file = '',
$lifetime = '0',
$max_queries = '0',
$ensure = present,
......@@ -85,4 +86,16 @@ define freeradius::sql (
notify => Service[$fr_service],
# Install custom query file
if ($custom_query_file) {
file { "${fr_basepath}/sql/${database}/dialup.conf":
ensure => $ensure,
mode => '0640',
owner => 'root',
group => $fr_group,
source => $custom_query_file,
require => [Package[$fr_package], Group[$fr_group]],
notify => Service[$fr_service],
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