Commit a2bbfb76 authored by Jonathan Gazeley's avatar Jonathan Gazeley
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Fix path for config test

parent e8eb83ee
......@@ -211,10 +211,11 @@ class freeradius (
# This exec tests the radius config and fails if it's bad
# It isn't run every time puppet runs, but only when freeradius is to be restarted
exec { 'radiusd-config-test':
command => '/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/radiusd -XC | /bin/grep \'Configuration appears to be OK.\' | /usr/bin/wc -l',
command => 'sudo radiusd -XC | grep \'Configuration appears to be OK.\' | wc -l',
returns => 0,
refreshonly => true,
logoutput => on_failure,
path => ['/bin/', '/sbin/', '/usr/bin/', '/usr/sbin/'],
# Blank a couple of default files that will break our config. This is more effective than deleting them
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