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Prepare release 1.0.0

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......@@ -712,6 +712,16 @@ least until this module drops support for 2.x.
## Release Notes
### 1.0.0
* Support for FreeRADIUS 3
* Native support for managing the LDAP module
* Native support for configuring realms (via realms, home_server and home_server_pool)
* Improved handling of attribute filtering
* Improved handling of SQL support
This release retains support for FreeRADIUS 2 but some of the parameters have changed so you will probably need to make changes to the way you use this module. Upgrade on a dev system first!
### 0.4.5
* Tweak wildcard matching on logrotate config
"name": "jgazeley-freeradius",
"version": "0.4.5",
"version": "1.0.0",
"author": "jgazeley",
"summary": "Install and configure FreeRADIUS",
"license": "Apache-2.0",
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