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    [Soji Ikeda] Fix: Some paths of message processing in Sympa can't recognize · 59c8ec06
    sympa-authors authored
    Unicode strings.  At least MIME::Parser::parse_data() and
    Template::proccess(): these methods occationalily break
    strings containing Unicode characters.
    My mail_utf8 patch expects the behavior as following ---
    Sub-messages to be attached (into digests, moderation
    notices etc.) will passed to mail::reformat_message()
    separately then attached to reformatted parent message
    again.  As a result, sub-messages won't be broken.  Since
    they won't cause mixture of Unicode string (parent message
    generated by tt2::parse_tt2()) and byte string (sub-messages).
    Note: For compatibility with old style, data passed to
    mail::reformat_message() already includes sub-message(s).  Then:
    - When a part has an `X-Sympa-Attach:' header field for
    internal use, new style, mail::reformat_message() attaches
    raw sub-message to reformatted parent message again;
    - When a part doesn't have any `X-Sympa-Attach:' header
    fields, sub-messages generated by [% INSERT %] directive(s)
    in the template will be used.
    See src/mail.pm hunk #4.
    More Note: Latter behavior above will give expected result
    only if contents of sub-messages are US-ASCII or ISO-8859-1.
    In other cases customized templates (if any) should be
    modified so that they have appropriate `X-Sympa-Attach:'
    header fileds.
    Sub-messages are gathered from template context paramenters.
      See src/mail.pm hunk #1.
    Other trivial fixes:
      mail_tt2/listmaster_notification.tt2 hunk #1
      src/Commands.pm: informations of list in INFO message will
    be translated.
      src/mail.pm hunk #5: fallback to UTF-8 when locale of user
    was not same as that of list.
    git-svn-id: https://subversion.renater.fr/sympa/trunk@4007 05aa8bb8-cd2b-0410-b1d7-8918dfa770ce